Sunday, 18 January 2009

this is going to be a learning curve!

bit of this
here goes you gotta a start somewhere my first leap into blog  
                                                                                                              S    P
                                                                                                          E            A

Bovver boys from the blackbird brigade are bouncing about the garden strutting their stuff, having dust ups and attracting the girls, who are also getting touchy chasing each other off my postage stamp of a garden.

Rainbow colors dancing as the crystal sways madly about catching the winter sun. memories of Andrew x

Good neighbour June promises to help with sock knitting project, I am ignited into action by 2 events. 
1 Finished reading the knitting circle by Anne Hood, 
2 John's death.
stop reading your life away girl and start ticking off thing on your hit list.

Bit of that
Be alert. Your county need lerts. (picked from The Graffiti File - Nigel Rees)
Well I am blowed if I can see an isbn number to quote, it is official then I am definite a lert!            

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