Friday, 27 February 2009

Chat and cat

Bit of this
A friend shows a book of stunning photo's recalling her families travels. The scenes leap off the page, colors, countries, wild life, all have been woven together making a professional looking coffee table book. The project was aided by Aldi, and we agree it was a snip at the price.

The cue is long, we banter to pass the time. He is 91 he tells me, and only old people uses buses. We find we have things in common. I spy a pink chocolate love heart lolly, and buy it, giving it as a belated valentine. "is it edible" he laughs, "I like sweet things".

The tip of  cats tail makes the perfect curve of a C hardly discernible against the rest of her black fur. It begs to be traced with a finger.

Bit of that
Chastity belt
The area of land surrounding a nunnery.
(The Oldie- Dictionary For Our Time)   

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  1. I tried to get Pam into scrapbooking when she was insisting she was bored - but she wasn't having any of it!