Wednesday, 18 March 2009

activity and chatter

Bit of this
I am flagging. The phone rings, friendly encouragement dissolves my lethargy. I find a new lease of life and rush off to evening class. Not too tired to learn after all then.

Sitting outside M&S all in black with a slash of red covering her head. She looks up from her mobile phone, our eyes meet. They meet again 2 hours latter, phone still glued to her ear. I give her a thumbs up and we laugh. She is so young and I wonder if she has a job.

The headmaster says "there has been allot of frog on frog activity", we all make for the pond. WOW an explosion of frogspawn. Although the children and I search, we find no adult frogs!  

Bit of this
One cannot now a link. One is fed up. One is going to cheer oneself up wiv chocolate. However I find you can copy and paste into Google, and it will take you to a froggy song. 

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