Monday, 2 March 2009

Hangover housework heron

Bit of this
Mist rising from the lake. Silently it seems, a heron takes to the air flapping large rounded wings, slowly so slowly, the tips hardly clearing the water. I have the perfect view as it flies straight ahead, dropping down upstream to resume fishing.  

Son at home with black eye and hangover. I shamelessly use this to my advantage. I now have shinny clean car and bin full of garden rubbish. But NO explanations.

I am learning. As I dart around with the hoover I notice safety pins, investigating further I discover a way to keep tastefully arranged cushions in place. 

Bit of that
Nervous breakdowns are hereditary-
we get them from our children.
(The graffiti File)

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  1. It's so hard keeping it zipped with your kids sometimes. Worth it if you can manage!