Saturday, 25 April 2009

Appreciation of men, chocolate and water

Bit of this
Man about the house is mentioned in council dispatch box. 

Whippet glances up and speeds his crunching. Chocolate biscuits are being quietly purloined from the boys lunch bag!

Wind whips the water into a shimmer carpet of silver, slowly dissolving into points that flash, sparkle and bounce across the lake. I am mesmerized.
Bit of that 
7o% of her surface is covered by water.


  1. Yes! The proximity of death gives a much deeper appreciation of life.
    I am just back from an intensive all-day training session with Cruse, and am humbled by so many good people.

  2. Meeting death has pared away layers of me. It threw all sort of things into sharp focus. It is an odd thing to say but it has just occurred to me that it made me feel more alive. (not something I always wanted to be or to feel at times). More connected to the fragility of all that is. And an appreciation of it all still clinging on some how.
    Good luck with Cruse, you are right there are so many truly good people around. I know because for some reason, as luck would have it, I keep meeting them, all over the place!

  3. Den, if you ever feel like a chat I have an e-mail contact on my profile.