Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Amongst it all and trying to be

Bit of this
Early morning and there among the buttercups is a tiny grey calf. 

The plan says making boats. A large box of interesting bits doesn't seem to inspire. They have their own agenda. Pointing out a lovely muddy puddle I wonder if we could float boats on it. Still no interest. Desperation sets in. I get creative and proudly track them down clutching a"pirate ship" with a black sail. By this time they are sat around said puddle on 3 milk crates. I float my boat (they sink me). He picks it up, gently puts it to the side and with a withering look says "No". They continue to poke the puddle with sticks, deep in conversation about everything but boats!

It's no good the forget-me nots have to go. I start on the tangle and uncover all sorts. It is pouring and I am having a whale of a time kneeling amongst it all in my bright yellow sou'wester.
Bit of that


  1. Our group have been obsorbed for days now with being dogs & owners. It has upset one parent who I think has misinterpreted it as some kind of domination/humiliation thing!!