Saturday, 16 May 2009

Lucky day

Bit of this
No visitor access. It has always said key holders nearby before. With the shard of luck I carry there is a man nearby with a key! It is just a dim shell of its former splendor. Peace being the only suggestion of a sacred space. 

The signs everywhere do not invite exploration. I am game but man about the house is reticent. So I get my infrared filter out and play. As we drive away I make a note to enlist my partner in crime for a revisit. It cannot be ignored, the village bears my maiden name after all.

A flash of pale orange, a question mark. The answer follows as it lands, the iridescent electric blue is a give away. It sits bobbing it's head up and down, the sharp dagger like beak pointing this way and that. I am enchanted watching this exotic little gem of a bird. 
Bit of that