Sunday, 10 May 2009

Power of one sort and another

Bit of this  
It is only after we arrive, that he announces "oh by the way the breaks are playing up". Bloody hell we have just come down Broadway hill! Thank-you St Christopher. 

Man about the house transforms into camper van man and becomes a domestic goddess. Dust pan and brush are discover, washing up done, pinny donned for culinary delights. (I try hard not to calorie count). Just enjoy the result.

A few are waving, one man is rolling his arm outward in the manner of royalty, she is in the last carriage dressed in red. I wave back at her and blow a kiss, catching hers in my cupped hands. There was a feeling of power, the deep beat of the engine, the wheels smooth and solid gliding past, it was a magic moment.
Bit of that
Take it to heart, what the blood steam does with cholesterol. 
(Dictionary For Our Time) 

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