Saturday, 13 June 2009

Displacement,and a beautiful place

Bit of this
I am up and at 'em by 6.15am. For once man about the house is not stresses out by my laid back approach. As we are already rolling.

I realize about midday, that against my instincts this mega jaunt was just the thing to keep me looking forward and not dipping into memories, that today would  probably have been more poignant than tomorrow will be. 

The pit-stop appeared as I was about to drop. Sharing the driving makes it easer and the story tape eats up the hours. When we enter the valley I am transfixed. Neither of us speak as we drink in the beauty. It is so peaceful. Just the odd bit of traffic and no airplane noise. The sun shines and I watch cloud shadows move over hills. Warm smooth slate, disused mine buildings to explore, sitting by the river that feeds the reservoirs eating lunch, watching the red kites look for theirs. Then the unexpected discovery of Shelley's statue. Topped off with lemon meringue pie. (Memories of you alive today curl around the day, clinging on until you had been to the school fete, tomorrow all that's left are the fragments that your unconscious body surrenders).
Bit of that


  1. You put lemon meringue on the statue of Shelly?

  2. Where did you go? It sounds lovely.

  3. Z what nonsense I write. The picture you pointed out made me roar with laughter, thanks.
    also love the greenman blogg, especially as it was a surprise. I was thinking of the pagan green-man and thought huh!. I am always fascinated how each of us things so differently. And I am always rethinking entrenched ideas.

    Tess twas the Elan valley. As "in birmingham give us our water back".
    can you imagine how long it took me to drive there?