Friday, 19 June 2009

Dogs and snakes and white stuff

Bit of this
Jack's pack were out and about early. They woofed their way past hurling greetings that rocked the small green car from side to side.

The brownish orange pattern of the corn-snake called sweetie is so beautiful. She drapes it around her neck where it hangs like a piece of surreal jewelry flicking it's tongue. I avoid the head end and pretend to be brave. There is a baby that fits into the palm of a hand and a royal python who certainly would not! Apparently they go shopping with their owners sometimes.   

Rhythmic tap of the sieve followed by the magic of white flour falling into a glass bowl. 
Bit of that

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  1. Playing with clean hands in the flour of Aunt Alma's bread bowl, until she's ready to add the rest of the ingredients and start kneading.