Saturday, 27 June 2009

Extra hours, flowers and tribute

Bit of this
I have been too knackered lately to keep up with the insomnia. But oh joy I was slurping tea and eating cornflakes in the wee hours. I read 2 chapters of the book and caught 2 slugs who were hunting for crumbs. How they get in I don't know and more to the point where do they hide. Even if I follow their silver trails I fail to find them. 

Wow there is a bunch of flowers on the kitchen table. The cynical part of me wonders what man about the house brought at the sale of rusty metal this morning. However I am delighted, I never get flowers even on my birthday. Refraining from enquiring about the days trawl. I give him a big kiss instead.

A lorry is engraved on a small black stone
followed by 
"Keep on truckin'  
Ben    10 4" 
I only stumble across this in my attempt to find the shadiest rout back to the car. What a lovely tribute.
Bit of that
Years ago I decided should anyone dare to go against my wishes of no grave marker I want

"Here lies a tidy pile" 

The boy is going to get

"Here lies not a lot"
due to his ever ready answer to absolutely everything

And man about the house is getting
"Here lies?
I have no idea"
a perfect get out clause for nearly absolutely everything.
Of course when push come to sodding shove we often wrack our brains for the deep and meaningful, as I with Andrew. A friend sent me this. It was on his grave for ages littering up the graveyard along with the wild flowers and wooden cross man about the house made. And I keep retyping it and putting it back still.

We will harbor your memory 
We will bind our loss in the warm currents of your laughter
We will search the dark sky
For your wild blazing star
And your voice will endure
Singing out to us between the spaces in the wind
Always free 
Always free

I would be interested to know how you would mark you and yours.
signing off with