Thursday, 11 June 2009

Squarks,bells and barges

Bit of this
Squawk of the jackdaw as the food hits the ground. He has swooped down for breakfast before I've walked back into the house.

She calls from a barge,"come over and have a look". So all 20 of us do. I am enchanted, neat and sweet like a large dolls house. There is even has a small freezer stashed under a seat. All the children spot the biscuit jar, and no one falls in getting on and off. She tells us this is their home as they sold their house to pay for it. I love the name that's painted on the side. 

Walking up a narrow walled alleyway, the tingle of a bell makes me turn just in time to dodge a hoodie on a bicycle. I say "thanks I appreciate that", when he has got over the shock he turns and grumps "no problem". It keeps me smiling all afternoon. And I am grateful I have lost count of the near misses I've encountered due to failing 'earing.
Bit of that


  1. Gratitude goes so far, and at such little effort.

    Have you visited the Green Man?