Saturday, 20 June 2009

Working things to your advantage as a domestic goddess

Bit of this
How you feeling he  asks as I open 1 eye. Wonderful I reply. I havent moved a muscle so no pain and I am barely conscious so I am allowed to be tired!

It is an interesting fact that since splashing out on the speed machine, man about the house has spent more time cruising ebay than the road, it has had more presents delivered to it than I ever have. He obviously feels he has over done it this time, and so do I. "Look" he says pointing a sparkly hob top, shamelessly I seize the glint of guilt I spy, and send him off with a list of shopping then get him to mow the lawn.

Slut one day domestic goddess the next is there no end to it. I is the proud creator of strawberry jam and a bowl full of elderflower cordial. (or at least thats the plan the last lot I made was so foul it had to be ditched). 
Bit of that
All things elderflowerish

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  1. SNAP. I let Allan spend my running away fund on a motorbike in a fit of wifely devotion & all he does is buy parts on Ebay. He goes out about 2x a year "when conditions are right"
    Must be a man thing.