Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Bomb disposal, bloodymindedness, dry legs

Bit of this
I blink, a white van with Bomb Disposal, emblazoned on the side, pulls up along side me. Corse then I spent all morning wondering where it was off to, and where it hangs out.

"Did you get away with it" the check out lady calls as I stagger past with the weeks shop. "Was there any doubt then", I reply. She grins. The supermarket apparently don't allow you to consume food you buy from the main shop in their cafe while you drink a hot chocolate. Bureaucracy gone bonkers. I enjoyed my hot chocolate and my snack thank-you.

Whippet and I dash out for a long walk between down pours, neither of us like wet legs.
Bit of that
This is a very accommodating shop, youngsters have been known to perfect their musical technique with in. People can while hours on their instruments. According to Radio 4.

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