Monday, 6 July 2009

Bruises, and declining to move way without hiccups or to fall into holes

Bit of this
She has a huge purple bruise on her arm where she fell, and is hoping for cooler weather so she can don a cardigan that will hide it from her daughter. And she tells me she is "bored".

I go to the place where I drop worries, today I throw in thanks. Catching sight of a small piece of wood, I place it in the water expecting it to be quickly carried by the current, but it moves away slowly and catching an eddy it circles back toward me. It repeats the process once more finally entering the flow that takes it to travel along the waters edge, before bouncing into the middle and finally disappearing around the bend. The whole thing went from a bit of childish fun to a metaphor for the boy in an instant. I felt huge relief when it sailed forth round the corner. Thats alright then. Pew.

I decline the hole that is beckoning me and pick up the Jiff instead, scrubbing and rubbing all afternoon, and carting the radio around with me. Breaking it up by down loading stuff in the happy expectation of endless blather though the head phones.
Bit of that

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