Saturday, 4 July 2009

Fragments of the unexpected

Bit of this
I swear it wasn't planned. "Well" I said "might as well pop into the Apple store now we are here". Lustings have been gratified, sleek, black smooth to touch, sensuousness personified. And I already have the first pod cast. Heaven.

I sit down beside him, killing time waiting. I have to move closer to catch his words. Realizing the bottles been hit already. He is fed up to have been ticketed by the police again. "Now do I look like the sort of person who would .......?" Bits of his history unravel. Himself arrives just as a fiver exchanges hands. Himself storms off. Gob smacked I could have done such a thing. Amazing how he can be so blind to me after all these years. I don't regret it though, even if he went straight down boozer. Just as well himself doesn't know the half then. How could I spend all that money on frippery and not?

"If you hang on I will come". The little boy with large ears whose face has now filled out with age to catch them up. We retrace steps from our childhood, and spot a vixen with her cubs. She is guarding them well allowing us so close to her. Peering over the bank remembering where we used to catch minnows we glimpse a possible kingfishers home. Evidenced by the fact one comes zooming toward the hole but then veers away when it sees us. Wow.
Bit of that

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