Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Heat and a treat

Bit of this
We fill every seat with our factor 25, sunhats, lunch boxes and smiles.

After staking our claim under tall shaddy trees we scatter. The giant sand pit and water tap are descended on, slides slid down, swings swung on and climbing frames get stuck up, we all have a go on the zip line, even the geriatrics among us, much to the children's hilarity. Lunch done we drip out of the gates flowing toward the boat. Mrs A dares a lorry to run her down while making sure we cross safely. And I forget the heat as I watch amazed wonderous faces as we chug along.

Heaving a grateful sigh for other wonders of modern technology. As we manage to locate the coach via the mobile, before we all melt.
Bit of that
Melt games (shrug)

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