Friday, 14 August 2009

Lagging behind and things turn up

Bit of this
Still floating around in my P J's at 9.00. Today I have breakfast before walking whippet. Who lately seems less than impressed with his walk. Enthusiastic when the lead is rattled but half a dozen paces from home he looses momentum. His air of boredom, is that of a disgruntled teenager and he refuses to keep pace preferring lagging behind.

The neighborhood group of buzzards had disappeared. But lately there has been one lonely bird about for weeks, it's high pitch mewling sounding pitiful to my ears. Today the cry seemed to be in stereo and when I search the sky I spot another. They play tag with each other over head.

Man about the house finds what I had though I had lost. What a relief. Only I could loose important bits of paper.
Bit of that

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