Sunday, 20 September 2009

Deerhurst and whippet

Bit of this
We follow the sign pointing "this way to the angel", through the narrowest of gaps between church and farm building. There she is high above us. Serene and unconcerned, what stories she could weave if magiced into being.

The river Severn is a stones throw way, and we walk to Haws bridge where the pub dispenses fizzy coke to refresh and re-fuel us. The sign on the low beam says"Duck or Grouse". I duck.

Whippet is walked at dusk. Remnants of disgusting rabbit are treasured while I lean over the bridge watching for my poo stick to appear, the wheep of a kingfisher precedes the dart of color skimming up and over the bridge.
Bit of that

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  1. Pooh!! Not poo! As in Winnie the ...
    Poo stick has quite different connotations!