Friday, 11 September 2009


Bit of this
The work experience lad wants to be an apprentice carpenter but is scarred of going up a ladder. However he overcomes this by being bossed around by man about the building site. And by the end of the week is climbing up scaffolding.

A first, a squirrel in the garden. Now it has found it's way I wonder if it will re-visit.

She has a chunk of someone's beautiful blond hair in one hand and and a pair of blue scissors in the other. Her cutting out skills are excellent! They are pretending to be hairdressers. I am pretending to be calm and not shout "NO" from across a huge room.
Bit of that

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  1. Bless. I don't like my fringe ... I cut it off! I think both mine have done that at least once. LOL