Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Bit of this
I glimpsed them zoom away, 3 of them. Mork and Mindy had been darting with increased speed and urgency feeding their youngsters. They have finally fledged and will soon be on their way to Africa.

Brown leather walking boots, smell of dubbin and crisscross laces looped around small metal eyelets. Money well spent fourteen years ago then.

The fireman has written a how to do book on Flamenco dancing. He cuts quite a dash as he shows his talents off. People chat and drink, no one looks at the book much it seems, except me who is out of her depth and finds it preferable to hiding in the loo. But one drink and I perk up no end finding lots of people to chat to. Suddenly feeling glad that I excepted the invitation to "a book launch". If I hadn't answered the phone earlier I would have missed the opportunity.
Bless you J for thinking of me.

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