Thursday, 22 October 2009

Bit of this
A large red poppy is pinned proudly onto the articulated lorries bumper. Big lorry big poppy.

2 double deckers and 4 single jobs wait in a line to be filled with noise and laughter, knocks on the window make me turn around, and there are 2 of Andrew's contemporaries smiling and waving. Bless you lads.

There seems to be a gang of teenagers at the bottom of the track, 3 cars and a huddle of activity. A large broom appears between the leaves. I'm just thinking there must be better places to have an end of term party, when "hairy mike" springs to mind and whippet and I look on in astonishment at the bizarre scene involving war wounds, created, from the back of the makeup ladies car, and persons with swords in fancy costumes. Restoration comedy involving zombies apparently. The mind boggles.
I am a bit of a sucker for Mr Charles

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