Thursday, 10 December 2009

Bit of this
Left my favorite coat in Costa's, but it was still there when I remembered it hours later. And I saw blossom on a tree on my way back to the car.

Got flagged down by 3 immigrants, slung them a fiver went back with more supplies but they had gone or been arrested. (more likely they were probably fly boys and saw me as a sucker). So I am a several mars bars better off plus a few quid.

Over did the false teeth tablets in the filthy flask and the lid shot off missing me by a whisker, spraying boiling water all over the ceiling. Twas a tremendous bang.

Man about the house is roaring because I just found out the boiler's bust so no heating and no hot water. But at least I have the number of a man that can and just enough tepid water for an inch in the bath.
Bit of that
The force was with me

Force Be With YouAs

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