Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Bit of this
Out side whippet and I peer closely at the tin can clanking in the dark. Once the eyes adjust it becomes evident that it's black cat with her head stuck fast in a whiskas tin.

Man about the house rushes to the rescue, the tin is yanked off and wild eyes glare, followed by her belting up the garden in what I take for a temper. Much latter I catch up with the hero of the hour and he reveals that he had found black cat curled up in doors. The unfortunate look alike we conclude was one of farmer Rex's hungry souls, whom possibly is related to black cat somewhere along the line.

Those biscuits had an interesting taste and texture she comments. Well what do you expect from 3 year olds. Possibly if she had witnessed the process she would have refused one. I am sure cooking with 3 year olds contravenes health and safety. Even when vigilant children sneeze, cough and stick fingers in to taste. To say nothing of the ones with runny noses.
Bit of that
Thought I would get into the christmas spirit.
(in memory of black cat's sister bubbles)
Bubbles also suffered from mistaken identity, and got solemnly taken to the vet for burial and cried over by another family after they had scooped her up from the road. It wasn't until latter that night when their cat strolled in, that they realized the mistake. The son of the house who was 4 at the time whooped with joy believing that it was possible to come back from the dead. (As I had only just lost Andrew, I replied with a heart felt "I wish", but you had the see the funny side). Days latter we found out what had happened to her, but by then another of Rex's waifs was nicely ensconced after being carried home from the farm in a carrier bag, blind with cat flue, and to my declaration that she would return to the farm after a visit to the vet. She never did of course and lived a very happy life with us, until the lady next door reversed over her. She never could meow I reckon she had used all her voice calling for help from the middle of the yard. Luckily man about the house was near at hand donning yet another superman suit.

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