Friday, 1 January 2010

Bit of this
Man about the house is ratty because we have to pay six quid to park, And I dissolve into laughter because we can't find the beginning of the walk. And then I realize we are looking at the wrong river. This is just as well as the ham is flooded.

He walks towards us on the raised bank, a small rotund person, the angle of the sun casting a shadow across a leg with every other step. Not another person to be seen. We pass the time of day and exchange "happy new year" greetings. I notice his dazzling shinny stout brown shoes.

We sit on the same fence, by the M50 motor way bridge as yesterday, when we walked from Upton Upon Severn. Eating the same delicious ginger bread. Slurping hot coffee. Now we have walked from Upton all the way to Gloucester in bite size bits.
Bit of this
Other wonders

Mult Lichnosti also features other world leaders. One episode of the cartoon shows Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko inflating balloons with natural gas diverted from a Russian pipeline.

Georgia's President Mikhail Saakashvili is seen eating his own tie.

And US President Barack Obama is depicted endlessly bouncing a basketball up and down.

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