Thursday, 28 January 2010

Bit of this
Squeezing in the pew along side an old neighbor. She tells me that her mother lived on the estate once and her initials are to be found carved within the church. Mrs H has a fine send off and I find out that she had been quite an adventurer. She engaged fully and enthusiastically with life, a true inspiration.

Master of ceremonies is doing the rounds, shaking everyone by the hand followed by a "please to meet you". Our eyes lock he can't avoid it. At least he like myself is a man of conviction and no "please to meet you" was uttered. My warped sense of humor has been tickling all afternoon.

Man about the house comes in from a freezing days work on the building. I am flat on the floor. It's a measure of my discomfort that his icy hands on the sodding shoulder don't even make me flinch. He slaps the pads on and turns up the dial so that within minutes I am up with a smile serving tea. Oh him of the healing hands.
Bit of that

Stein, Gertrude
Just before she died she asked,
"What is the answer?"
No answer came. She laughed and said,
"In that case what is the question?"

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