Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Bit of this
They have all forgotten how to tidy up over the holiday. As fast as some are putting toys away others are pulling them out. One starts to perfect his target practice throwing the plastic food. Of which there is vast quantities. (possibly he will play cricket for England one day). As no one is in his line of fire, I point out what he throws he will have to put back. As we all sit down to story time he stands giving us his sad look. I did not waver but 2 little girls rushed to his rescue. Oh god "we all help each other" I spout ever-so often as their war cry is "I'm not doing that, I didn't play with it". I pointed out the error of their ways, but they would not be stopped. He is 3. (Tomorrow we will have target practice with ball and a bottle outside). Mean while the stand in teacher pushes instead of leads the drama queen who hurls herself to the floor and sobs so loudly the whole group have to move away to hear Goldilocks. She too learnt a lesson, gently gently. This one has a marvelous stubborn streak that will serve her well as an adult, as she tries, and tries until she cracks something. After 5 minutes, I lay on the floor beside her and say she can either carry on and get sore eyes and throat or she can join the others. When no one is looking she sneaks over and sits down. I had an arhh moment. I know perfectly well if I give her a thumbs up and smile off she will go again. I think being an international negotiator would be easier and definitely pay better.

Whippet and I are half way around a field when a big new tractor arrives and proceeds to spray. We just manage to get out of his line of fire by legging it. quite a relief that.

It's dark and it's snowing. Magical.
Bit of that
Joyce Grenfell Nursery School

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