Friday, 8 January 2010

Bit of this
Whippet displays his displeasure with his keep me warm coat by slewing his rear end and banging into the legs. Reminding me of tactics deployed by the banger racers.

Muck Wellington Boots are the may cost an arm and a leg, but at least my toes are warm.

The lurcher spends hours and hours laid on the windowsill of what used to be the local shop for years. Just waiting for his people. I suddenly have a yen to have a peek inside now it has had a make over. The biggest delight as a child was Mr Tivvy, the shop keeper, and his biscuit tin full of local post cards. (His limp was a source of fascination). He had a very glamourous assistant with long hair. She still lives in the village, and is still glamorous at 70.
Bit of that

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  1. My dog has got quite frisky in the snow. Unfortunately instead of looking a beautiful creamy white which normally gets admiring comments, against the snow she looks a bit 'wee' coloured!!

    Re: pics - I go to the icon "add picture", that takers me to a page, "add an image from your computer" (I've never managed the RHS option of add a pic from internet) That has a box with a 'browse' button by the side which takes you to a windows option box 'choose file' with a box 'look in' with a drop down by the side where you can look in any file on the PC. It sounds like you keep everything on your desk top & I use the filing system .... I think thats all the difference. Within 'my documents' I have 'my pictures' & I keep most pics in files within there. The size they appear in blog is exactly as they come from there. You maybe need to change your PC settings or something if they come out very small & I wouldn't have a clue there!