Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Bit of this
Meditation for the day: Dorothy's red shoes watching the world go by past the shop window, while waiting for their adventure to begin.

I gaze for ages framing and reframing. Sodding shoulder had become so overwhelming, focusing down to the minutia takes my body away, until I turn to find a teenager gazing at the batty old woman with a camera. I wink he continues to stare.

Corse the snap is binned, tis the process not the end product. Whoops could be a life statement.
Bit of that
Appro of bugger all
This is Eric he resides 2 doors down, invites himself inside, and has a howl suitable as a sound effects for person suffering from sodding shoulder syndrome.


  1. So sorry about the sodding shoulder syndrome.
    Eric has a pretty good glare, too. Don't mess with Eric!

  2. CONGRATS on becoming a granny.
    Lost your email. Hope you see this here! XXXXX

  3. RR Eric has moved 3 doors to the left, but still visits.

    L Thanks, all I need now is the opportunity to be the granny that i know is waiting to burst out.