Friday, 30 July 2010

Bit of this
Am re energized by ancient greeks re link from 3BT and her 25th july post.

I need L plates. The pram is uncontrollable, not unlike a disobedient Tesco trolly, there are pot holes in the pavement and the pram has no safety straps. We get there and back with out bouncing the boy up and over the side. Being left in charge has made me weak at the knees, a snifter is in order to celebrate the first of so much more to come.

We go up and pay homage to the pumpkin. There she sits in a patch of bare soil surrounded by the promise of more gardening space if the sodding shoulder can be persuaded by intent to co operate.
Bit of that
Due to sodding shoulder bits of that will be sporadic unlike sodding shoulder.
Won't have to worry about that then as my retirement age recedes into distance.


  1. Hello Den, good to see you back, complete with pram! So sorry about the shoulder, and hope it doesn't interfere with the burping and nappy changing.

  2. Nappies area dream these days, haven't lost the knack of burping, the smiles out of this world.