Friday, 1 October 2010

Bit of this
What a well brought up car driver. He stopped in the middle of a busy round about at rush hour to make way for a police car. Our chap in blue is so shocked he does not budge. The everso courteous beckons encouragingly. Policeman's mate who is right behind is so gob smacked that he fails to take immediate advantage all the car driver can offer is to doff his cap as he continues around the round about. This has me tittering in astonishment for the rest of the journey.

"Do you wear a nappy?" he asks "I do".

We can't believe our luck. The smoke alarm remains silent in spite of a smoke filled kitchen. Whoops five minutes latter everyone is nicely lined up on the playground and I am legging it up to explain and apologize. The lady in the office fails to forgive as we have caught her out. She has no nicely laminated registers for us to tick. This provides much mirth in our unit as almost daily she rings berating the inefficient delivery through cyber space of our register. That never happened in the good old days, pen and paper was much simpler and in the event of fire alarms jumping to attention we had a copy of our own.
Bit of that


  1. I'm delighted that he was wearing a cap. A nice flat one I guess, not the baseball variety?

    And was the same chap in a nappy?

  2. I do love those flat jobs. All the little traveling lads at Stowe horse fair wear them as they strut their stuff with their dads.