Friday, 13 February 2009

Make and do

bit of this
Creative and sparkling, I am invited in to share a treat. At the kitchen table wonderful work in progress, flowing figure appearing from haze of color. Upstairs a large 3d mermaid, has her own boudoir, complete with wig, fine embroidery and exquisite shells and beads appliqué on. The mermaid is holding a baby boy. In the garden a sculptured angel, huge wings, lovely face, stands in the bright sunshine. I have fallen into a small peace of heaven. I feel uplifted as I walk home.

Pick up a valentine card from the art table open it. "Jesus loves you". Mrs B confesses she leaves them in phone boxes and on benches!

The sox are morphing into leg warmers instead. My stress levels drop, now I chill, mindlessly clickerty clicking.    

Bit of that
Eve was framed
(ladies loo Dublin)

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