Thursday, 12 February 2009

It's the process

Bit of this
Carefully wiping the large sword like leaves of my Orchid, there languishing under the dust and neglect perfectly formed buds ripening.

The children are excited we are to launch a beautiful blue and silver ballon with wishes, to help it on it's way. I have been diverted. In the distance a small tight giggle of children huddle, they are chanting and then a great whoosh of laughter as they release it, whoops of joy until it floats out of sight. They run to me with huge grins and red faces. I think they have created a memory for themselves. It was a truly perfect moment!

Hands in warm washing up water, I feel my blood pressure lower and I enter a beautiful peaceful space, hypnotized by a traditional Swedish Christmas song that I have recorded from Late Junction.

Bit of that
Taken from an early idea added into
The Principles Of Early Childhood Education (but guess what it might be there but I cannot find this statement in the zillion of words in the new document)

Childhood is seen as valid in itself. 
It is a stage of life and not simply a preparation
for the 
FUTURE !!!!!!!!!!!! 

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