Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Bit of this
Brown fur glinting, whiskers twitching, one house mouse helping himself to bird food. The cat is behind glass.

I decide to go allotmenteering. I have to squeeze thought a narrow gap as the gate is locked. There is a notice "No dogs allowed". Good job mine is out of action then. I hesitate, virgin snow, feeling like an intruder,  I wander here and there. I envision indignant allotment holders wondering who the interloper could be. I have been drawn toward 3 bright blue water butts, floating on each surface is a delicate wafer thin ice host. There are scenes that could illustrate a children's book. Gnomes peeking out of the snow, a black cat with diamond eyes, the odd individual shed with old fruit trees nearby. Added to this several  bird scarers, one of which a huge bird swooping in the wind. The landscape has a magical quality. I feel I am one of the baddies in it.

A Bargain, warm soft sheepskin mittens and all for 2 pounds.

Bit of that
This could be mine chance to get on a cat walk. Attitude without arrogance. It's the Vogue Ball!

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