Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Bit of this
A red felt tip drawing adorns my fridge. "That's your eyes" she says. I have a row all across my forehead. Very perceptive of this four year old as "and in the back of my head too" springs to mind.

I catch sight of soft toy that looks very much like a giraffe curled up, but with front legs dangling, on top of the overhead projector. It is so unexpected and out of place it keeps me smiling all morning.

I feel very nurtured and blessed with friends and family who have helped me celebrate my birthday, and the ginger cake I made to take in to work was a success. The icing on my particular cake was getting added to 3BT roll of honor today.

Bit of that
My challenge is to seize control and move out of the way to avoid getting sat on.

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