Monday, 9 March 2009

Tea, postie and the fox

Bit of this
For a minute I fail to recognize the tall man walking down he road toward me, from his lope and the time of day I realize it's my favorite teenager clutching a white mug of tea. I love it. My first smile of the day.

The long slender nose followed by smooth flowing legs and a chestnut tail. He runs with ease across the farm track failing to see us. From nose tip to tail end the biggest fox I have seen for a long while.

Another postie is checking in on Mrs T telling her the regular will be back soon. A young man who fills me in on my missing postman. It would be interesting to know how many good deeds postmen do up and down the country. I never knew. Small unsung acts. It gives me great heart.

Bit of that
Worth hanging on to
All passenger-rails in moving "Hoppa" buses.
(Dictionary For Our Time)
Thinking of "worth hanging onto"things, it would be nice to hang on to our postal service wouldn't it? not that I know sod all about it really.

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