Sunday, 15 March 2009

Early morning and new neighbor

Bit of this
The alarm goes off by mistake,  I lay absorbed in radio 4, and watch the room lighten, a shadow forms that speaks of mysterious doorways.
I am bleary eyed and it takes me a minute to rationalize the surreal sight I encounter as I open the window. A small blue brush is gliding up and down. The lean to roof is undergoing a spring clean. We have both have a shock, and laugh together.

My curiosity is satisfied, when I meet a young man who has moved into the gate house. It needs lots of TLC and he will bring life to the empty plot. I am glad we have a new member to our neighborhood. His 2 hens eye us from their enclosure, and he has a small new axe which he uses to chop wood from the fallen branches opposite.

Bit of this
Hook Norton Ale reaches parts Heineken daren't mention.
(graffiti file)  

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