Monday, 30 March 2009

Exercise and hello

Bit of this
The first thing I see is a huge cigar and curling smoke. The captain is off for his constitutional.

The ball beckons me. I practice my dribbling skills, as I claim it from the gutter, and head for home.

She is just saying hello to her 2 new borns. Carefully licking each one in turn, sensing me she looks across the brook. Soon 1 is inching forward on front knees but quickly stops for a rest. She now focus her efforts on this one. The lamb after unsuccessful attempts on shaky legs stands for a fleeting moment. It's not long before it wobbles under her legs seeking nourishment. Now she tenderly encourages it's twin. As I bike away their tails are doing what tails do when they are happy, and they are busy guzzling. Although I have lived in the countryside all my life, this is the first time I have been witness to such a miracle. I felt if I had a tail, it would be wiggling like mad too! It was definitely worth getting the bike out.

Bit of that

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  1. I've been having fun exploring your lovely blog (I love 3BT too). Will definitely be popping back to visit. Thanks for sharing a little window on your world! x