Sunday, 29 March 2009


Bit of this
There s a sign on the village notice board "chickens found at the pub". I wonder if they belong to the new lad in the gate house. I saw his girls going for a long walk the other day.

It jogs my memory to the day when I saw the man at the pub evict a goat that had wandered in. Farmer Rex said she was searching all over the place for her stolen kid. His goats had perfected the art of nipping over the stye.

I watched some kind teenagers one day dropping tit bits encouraging a gang of piglets back to their field. These had been checking out the bus shelter. Rex has interesting happenings every so that keep me entertained. He is a dying breed. One man with an assortment of animals here and there.  

Bit of that
The grass is always greener.

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  1. I really want chickens. An organisation re-homes battery chickens. Allan says no. I'm biding my time!