Thursday, 12 March 2009

love lunch and a crunch

Bit of this
We catch up over a delicious lunch. To my shame I manage to tuck away a huge chocolate brownie ice cream affair. We exercise this off, we like to think, by walking around the reservoir. 

2 cars have had an argument. Traffic is slowing to pass. A women sits holding a toddler, people are milling. The lorry in front stops for a milli second and hands a green fluorescent jacket through the window. She puts it on and immediately stands tall directing us all past.

I have found a way to say I love you. I draw a heart in the dust. Latter I notice it has been rubbed out. But what he doesn't know is, the heart remains outlined in the grease from my finger, unseen.

Bit of that
Meetings are things
where minutes are kept
and hours are lost.
(say's some book somewhere)


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