Friday, 13 March 2009

misses stitchery and spring

Bit of this
I check the date for the exhibition, instead of a visual feast of color, texture and tiny stitches, I had anticipated. I have the pleasure of a bit of creativity of my own, melting, stirring and mixing, I feast on home made chocolate and cinnamon mud pie instead.  

I spot the first violets in an untidy corner of the garden. They are a legacy from nanny, and have been colonizing the garden for years.

The spring lambs are in kick heel mood, and show curiosity in whippet gazing through the gate. An energetic black one does an impressively high leap and looks amusingly skittish with his long tail. It is fascinating to watch them play and race around. The black ones charge and weave about the field outclassing the cream jobs by miles.

Bit of that
I am taken by the enterprising spirit, as I come across Rent-A-Frock, of course it just had to be called "girl meets dress". What else. 

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