Thursday, 5 March 2009

The powers that be and tv

Bit of this
The smile of surprise when I appear at the window a day early.

Man about house and his side kick are annoyed. Rubbish is not permitted to be taken to the tip in a van without a permit.People sometimes, apparently drive van to tip, also load a trailer pulled by an acceptable car, and make several journeys from just outside dump transferring rubbish from one to t'other. No help to us at all. Part of me thinks this hugely funny, bureaucracy gone bonkers. But it is an inconvenience. Stuff is carted over 100 mies back to nice accommodating Oxfordshire tip. However this does work to our advantage because some precious things that have been put in the wrong pile are discovered.

Get back just in tme to watch a much looked forward to tv program that surpasses all expectations.

Bit of this
The discovery of a knockout photographer via t.v.

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