Thursday, 16 April 2009

The arrival of a fantasy

Bit of this
He  is going to whisk her straight up the farm. I put my wellies on and go and greet her. After all she has to get used to us. We are her new owners.

She is silver and purrs like a kitten. And man about the house keeps finding excuses to go for a ride on his new toy.

I have entered a learning curve. Accessories accessories!
She is not like these, she is much more refine and sleek.


  1. Oh, boy!
    Born to be can't go out in the rain and mud on that!

  2. I know it got terrible dirty, he is cleaning it as I tap.

  3. So he has got a bike.
    Loved the Steppenwolf, we've already got it on the Ipod!