Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Birds and National Trust

Bit of this
I am cuffed to bits. A fleeting glimpse of a nuthatch at one of the feeders. It zooms in and out never hanging about.

He sells man about the house a raffle ticket. (no mean feat) We laugh and chat. He was a market trader in a former life and has biked all the way from Warwick to do his bit for the National Trust. Warwick must be 10 miles away!

I marvel at their creativity, 2 teasels are tastefully tied with a bow and placed on chairs to discourage the weary. I wonder if this is N.T policy.
The place that inspired market traders devotion.

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  1. What tasteful discouragement! Much daintier than the usual red rope, or the sign simply saying 'Keep off'!