Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Bikes and birdseed

Bit of this
He is still lusting after a bike. "I have reconsidered, that one requires an acquired riding position". I snigger.

Make hay now. Your options are limited once you receive your freedom pass. "And I can't get insurance on that one" he huffs.

"Who eats the linseeds then" asks him with rippling muscles adorned with tattoos and startling blue eyes. The goldfinches I say enthusiastically fingers ready to punch in the pin.. "Oh mine go mad after nigger seed". My fingers stop dead. And he still doesn't say until I ask "who eats linseeds then" as he is loading the car. "horses" he laughs. How kind not to re enforce the fact I am a complete idiot, until pressed. Bless his heart. 

Bit of that
Everything comes to those who wait.

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