Friday, 3 April 2009

Foreign places and gymnastics

Bit of this
3 U.S Airways tickets for Phoenix fall out of my new library book.

Black cat leaps and upends a dustbin lid that is a bird station. She disappears underneath it and emerges looking very wild and slightly embarrassed. 

She shares her garden it seems with half the village. Filling the frame with flower after flower I am lost in a world of delicious color. Startling blues, reds, yellows, dazzling white, delicate shades of pink. Purples to climb into and bask in serenity. I come to and see 2 old ladies bent, heads together weeding, and a gentleman working up a sweat mowing the lawn. 2 others are swapping gardening stories in a sunny corner. Come again she says as I leave. I finally put a face to a name I have been hearing for the last 18 years and meet her donkeys to boot.

Bit of that

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