Sunday, 19 April 2009

It all goes to my head

Bit of this
We spot a gathering of bikers on the way past. Coming home we join the fun. Man about the house eyes glaze over and I am in my element swaying to the music in the sun. It's a visual feast of men and machine.

Hs shouted at me because I got lost, I tell her. "No I didn't" he hisses "I shouted because you didn't do what I told you to". I register mild humor but carry on with my chat. Latter however, it comes from nowhere, I am weak with laughter  "You shouted because I didn't do what you told me to". The more he glares the funnier I find it. "He who must be obeyed then", I quip. Honest it's the best laugh I'v had for months.

I wonder why I am more punch drunk than usual. Oh, I have rather overdosed on the pain killers. But what a energetic afternoon I have, I make inroads into the garden and create a supper from my Turkish cook book, that although lacks presentation, story of my life, is tasty and goes down a treat.

Bit of that 
Families pride and joy. Shame about quality 10 out of 10 for artistic interpretation.


  1. Spinach flat bread. The flat bread needs practice, but the filling was laced paprika, very morish.