Sunday, 24 May 2009

Acquiring this that and the other

Bit of this
Breaking the journey to hunt for a chocolate lolly, I find they are only available in 3s. Determined to have my treat I buy a box. As luck would have it 2 workmen appear, and I dish out the other 2, glad not to have binned the excess. They drive off in their white van I sit in the sunshine and enjoy every drip and lick.

When I find her she has acquired a new friend on a sleek mobility scooter and a glint in her eye, fired up by the prospect of becoming a hells granny when she moves. 

Once calm is restored by deep breathing, I realize it's now anger that will fuel her footsteps not the weak vulnerability that has been her weapon in trying to bring about my submission. And anger = energy. I do teeter but she oversteps the mark. Anyway by the time I get home she has completely forgotten she was cross with me and has had a nice morning saying "thank-you for coming".
Bit of that


  1. Multipacks are a pain sometimes. Good for you for persisting in your lolly search. Lucky workmen!

  2. Things that expire before you get home are definitely a nuisance.