Thursday, 21 May 2009

Cheer me uppers and a mystery

Bit of this
I come home clutching 3 tomatoes plants and 2 pots of sweet peas. The market may be a shadow of it's former self but at least the plant stall survives.

The first thing I see is a gentleman in a cream suit and matching hat, followed by a woman in a floral suit and hat, my eyes widen when I spot a pink case on wheels. 5 or 6 people are standing around their cars in the middle of nowhere much. Right by where I had planned to stop and piglet watch. As I cruse past the occupied gateway craning my neck, a man is smiling a huge smile and giving every one a slug from a huge bottle? They are making much better use of the gateway than me and I have fun all afternoon creating stories around them.

She is cooking tea sat on her stool in the minute kitchen. Smiling over the breakfast bar her eyes light up when she points to her cauliflower cheese and strawberries. She is over 70 but looks in her early fifties. She is guaranteed cheerful and a real tonic.
Bit of that

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