Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Bless them and fancy hats

Bit of this
Bless them, they have dropped the bricks back in bin boxes to stop them blowing down the street.

She has not tossed off her protective cap completely and appears to have a cone hat containing her dark orange petals with a ruff of a collar to complete the head gear.

Mr Tesco's goodies are in a huge mound on the floor. Occasionally I yearn for the humble carrier. Me and the back are in crawler gear and I foresee hours of creaking and squeaking ahead. Then man about the house blows in from work and rolls his sleeves up.    
Bit of that
Liberals are a Labour saving device.
(London School of Economics 1978)

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  1. We'd never have made it through our three years in Boston without a car without our sturdy wheeled cart. Don't need it in Salt Lake, but I can't abandon our old reliable friend.

  2. Did resort to sturdy wheeled cart for heavy library books. Do have a car and often wonder how my mother coped with the bus and all the shopping for years.
    But so like to connivence of Mr Tesco muscles delivering on line shopping.

  3. After re reading post realized carrier to me means plastic bag.

  4. Ah. And I know better, too. We use canvas shopping bags, because even with a car, we have a long walk to our door.